Change 4 Life

The Change 4 Life website has millions of children and parents visiting every year. The campaign we worked was designed to help parents find their kids local active experiences and classes.


Public Health England


Product Designer and Manager



My Role

For this role I worked closely with the NHS development teams to integrate our software directly into their site. I redesigned our software to fit their brand guidelines, working with an external testing agency to refine the end user experience for the client. I ran the management of our product as well as the integration with all PHE and NHS stakeholders.

The challenge was technical for this project. Most of the work went into refining the data to make it child-friendly, and then organising the data into categories to make the user journey clear for parents and children alike. There was also a lot of work surrounding data mapping, as well as working with dev teams at the NHS to make sure the product embedded inside the C4L site with no issues across multiple platforms.

Key take aways

> Learning that to deliver a successful product, relationships with teams outside your own company can be just as important as the ones within.

 > Planning program timeframes in detail is key to producing products on a schedule when you are working with outside teams.

> Appreciating the importance of testing. Working with at third-party agency that specialised in testing was very insightful. Interviews and A/B test were carried out and the data shared to push the product forward, and to make the correct decisions for the end user.

 > Working with public sector clients was an interesting experience with many positive and less positive take aways. My success here came from swiftly navigating though red tape to find the person I need to progress the project.

Other work