This project was created to help Nike promote sports and physical exercise in local communities. I designed and built a web app that streamlined this service, helping people quickly discover and book nearby activities.




Product Designer and Manager



My Role

As this product was built from existing software, the design element was focused around branding. I worked alongside the team at Nike to make sure they were happy with the reflection of their brand inside our product. I then managed all stakeholders involved in order to produce the product for a series of test launch events.

The Product

The front-end experience for this web app was simple. It helped users to find nearby facilities for a few key sports, and then instantly book that particular court or pitch. The design and branding was more important, as it had to seamlessly blend with the Nike platform.

The challenge for this product was managing the teams involved. There were three companies involved in the delivery and two separate teams at Nike, therefore keeping the comms and product strategy clear for everyone was a significant task in itself.

Key take aways

> Working with client teams and multiple stake holders requires well-structured meetings, clear agendas and more collaboration on product management software.

> Being reminded that there is more to keeping brand identity than working with fonts, themes and colours.

> Focusing on the specifics: the smallest detail in a product can have a great impact on its performance and connection to the enduser.

> Working with close-knit teams is always more productive and conducive to the final outcome of a product, in particular if tight timeframes are at play.

Other work